Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dev openings @ TravelRepublic, Bangalore

We have following positions open at TravelRepublic, Banaglore

#1 - Software Developer
- Good degree in computer science or other technical subject - maths, physics, engineering, information technology, ...
- 4-6 years professional experience
- Strong demonstrable interest in programming outside of work
                - github account
                - OSS contributions
                - personal websites
                - stack overflow contributions
                - etc
- Experience of an OO language - preferably C#
- Knowledge of web technologies - http, dns, html, css, javascript

#2 - Front End Developer
We need a front end developer to help with the immediate task of refreshing our mobile website to provide important new capability and more solid platform to build on. This will allow us to easily maintain and extend the mobile site in future and will hopefully serve as a blueprint for future development on the main web site.

Ideally we want someone with a good computer science or technical background and a strong academic track record.

The ideal candidate will have a good number of the following capabilities:
Must be an excellent javascript programmer. That means a proper understanding of the idiosyncrasies and the power of the language. Not just looking for someone who has done a bit of jquery to do some client side validation.

A good understanding of HTML and CSS. Interest in and experience of HTML5 and CSS3 is ideal. I would like to see some evidence of an interest in web development pursued outside of work e.g. github experiments, oss contributions, personal web sites and so on.

Experience of the specific challenges of mobile web app development is a bonus.

Practical experience of some popular MVVM framework (preferably Angular, but could be Ember, backbone, knockout).

Experience of modern web application build tools and quality process is an advantage. Such as Yeoman, grunt, karma etc.

Experience of client side unit and end to end testing approaches is an advantage (mocha, jasmine, karma, selenium …)

Solid experience of developing large, performance critical javascript applications is preferred.

Solid understanding of the major security threats and mitigations involved in web development (XSS, SqlInjection, CSRF, Click-jacking, Session hijacking etc etc).

Some experience of the full development stack is a bonus (don't mind which technology though they will most likely be working in Asp.Net MVC 4 on the server side).

For more information on careers at TravelRepublic please visit the below link.

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